Electrical muscle stimulation, also known as E-STIM or EMS, uses low-level electrical impulses to reduce pain and inflammation as well as accelerate the healing process for soft tissue injuries. This therapy can also be used to help retrain and strengthen muscles.

Treatment is performed in-office and only takes a few minutes. Electrodes are attached to the skin over the targeted area and the machine is turned on. The level of current used will depend on the injury, location, and how deep it may be.

The gentle impulses stimulate the muscles to contract and release increasing circulation to the targeted area aiding in the healing process. The contractions also help relax the muscles to their original state. This can be beneficial in post-exercise recovery for athletes.

Patients may feel a slightly prickling or tingling sensation that will subside after treatment.

Electrical muscle stimulation can treat both acute and chronic cases of pain.

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